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Some, Not All, of the Best of Last Year (2014)

new-year-2014-wallpapersBest of the year lists are hard. I always feel that I didn’t get to something, like the album I promised I wouldn’t let go under my radar or the film I intended to see but couldn’t. Despite the amount of crap out there the is an innumerable about of wonderful and fulling art in the world. It would take way more than a year, more than a lifetime, to fully absorb all the things that came out in the previous year.

That’s why my top ten lists tend to fluctuate and dissolve over time. Very rarely are any of my picks concrete, whether they be albums, films, television, art, books, etc. It doesn’t mean the number one pick has fallen out of favor or that I was wrong (I wasn’t. Shut up.), it’s that I’m not always in the same mood or some things take way longer to hit me than most. Or I may have actually forgotten about something (gasp!).

I get that ranking is important or at the very least a set number to quantify as the cream of the crop, but “best” indicatives something different to everyone. Best could mean culturally significant or aesthetically cool or just entertaining. Whatever the case may be, I think best of lists should be casual and fun, a way to find out about things that someone thinks are good and things you might have missed. Technically, Orgastic Futures is an ongoing best of list.

All that being said, I’m doing a best of list of this already best of list. In 2014, I absorbed a lot of media and enjoyed most of it. Seriously, one or two things annoyed the crap out of me but for the most part it was a great year for art and culture. With enough time having passed, I think I can safely put a few works above the rest in some way. So in addition to the more usual and random posts of things you should know about, I’ll be highlighting the best with the series Some, Not All, of the Best of Last Year or Snoat Boly.

No, never mind, lets just go with the long one.

Just as a contradictory exercise and a totally not indicative example of whats to come, here are (at random out of something like 100 or so) some, not all, of the best albums and films of last year.


  • Arc Iris – Arc Iris
  • St. Vincent – St. Vincent
  • To Be Kind – Swans
  • Are We There – Sharon Van Etten
  • This Is All Yours – Δ


  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Boyhood
  • Gone Girl
  • Interstallar


  • True Detective
  • Hannibal
  • Fargo
  • Louie
  • The Knick


  • Books: I read 33 books last year but only 6 were of 2014, so I’ll wait before I write that list up.
  • Movies: I’ve seen maybe half of what I wanted to see last year so obvious stuff is missing.
  • Music: I listened to too much and now I cant decide what I liked most.
  • TV: See all of the above because I’m too lazy to write more silly gibberish.
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