orgastic futures

ofp: *original x-men theme plays* or how dare you make me look like a dumbass

ofp21hey, folks! it’s a brand new episode of the orgastic futures podcast. this episdoe of our hosts says some pretty idiotic things (josh) while the other one ridicules him relentlessly while somehow being even more idiotic (julian). this spoilerific show ruins some amazing shows and movies including the latest x-men, spiderman, hannibal, louie and so many more. listener beware (!). also, make note, julian is wrong about the x-men theme song, not josh. seriously.


kishi bashi

kishi bashi and busman’s holiday joyfully burst at the metro

busman’s holiday

todd bertuzzi

joyful noise recordings


pitchfork fest

north coast

spring awakening

major lazer reckless

cinemark seven bridges

x-men: days of future past

x-men cartoon theme

x-men: first class

x-men gay parable

star trek the next generations



x-men origins: wolverine

omega red

black swan

aronofsky’s the wolverine

axl rose

place beyond the pines

the amazing spiderman


ultimate spiderman


black cat

gwen stacy death

paul giamatti

m night shyamalan


madam web

childish gambino spiderman

childish and chance

action bronson

fuck that’s delicious



angelina jolie breast cancer


wanted comic


linkin park

linkin park jay z

gint aras saw godzilla


dr. niko “nick” tatopoulos

jennifer lawrence

dumb and dumber to

orange is the new black




x-men: pryde of the x-men with the insanely stupid theme song that josh somehow knew about


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