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neck sore, people should explore sex more

70723.original-1170this r&b/soul/hip hop mix is an exaltation of woman and sex. its not that hard to find songs that follow this mindset, but finding a happy middle between the kinky/dirty and more gentle/loving is. the title of the mix comes from the lyrics of buck 65’s “lipstick”, which falls right in between the two ends of the spectrum. it can get wild as he goes into s&m, but he pulls it back as the song attempts to normalize what people see as “obscene”. the song trying to display the beauty of sex and nudity, however it”s still a bit difficult as he laments “but this month there’s a witch hunt, they chase me today”. black star’s “brown skin lady” focuses more on appreciation of women without relying too hard on the sex. it’s the one song in the mix that feels like a wonderful love letter, just being grateful for women’s existence.

some of the songs don’t really hold back on they’re going on about. MF DOOM’s flow over his amazing beatbox beat on “hoe cakes” is a nonstop assault of overt sexuality. that’s pretty much all that’s on DOOM’s mind given that “no matter what I need her to do, she be like super!” when ever DOOM is on the mic, you can be sure to expect the most obscure references, from voodoo sex rituals to sesame street.

out of the modern tracks, murs and 9th wonder’s “barbershop” is a near outlier, but two lines in the hook pop out,  “just got your whip clean and your kicks on tight/’bout to pull the flyest chick you ever pulled in your life”. the song may be more about male bonding at the aforementioned barbershop, but the underlying notion is that he’s doing it 9the haircut, the shoes the car) all for a woman.

the older and more refined tracks are at times even more obvious than their newer counter parts. lee dorsey’s desperate pleas for the girl he’s with to give him the cue to make a move leaves nothing to the imagination. bill withers is right in the middle of sex, bordering giving the listener a play by play of the whole night with all the “moanin’ and groanin'”. otis redding has a knack for making anything sound like its only about sex as his cover of the beatles “day tripper” presents. while originally a song about someone who only gets high on the weekends, or a prostitute, or just a tease, or whatever else every beatles fanatic instills into the song, redding pushes it through a soul filter to emphasis the more sexual aspects.

the mix ends with one of the most confidant, abrasive, stubborn and trying songs i’ve ever heard. al green’s “i’m a ram” is a pick up line of atrocious sorts. it would never work for most, but under green’s voice, it seems to be the closet one will ever get to authentic bravado. however, “seems to be” is the key phrase. the whole song turns into a role he feels he has to put on to get next to that girl over yonder with one short question “won’t somebody please come and see about me?” it turns the song on it’s head, whether it’s meant to or not.

8tracks, 29.43 mins, please take note of the original track listing as 8tracks changes it up after the first time you play it.


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