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ofp: stop, i’m gonna to pee

brush scriptanother podcast in under a week? how can this be?! ingenuity and a little elbow grease i suppose. listen in as julian is joined by becca, the lovely sister of the voice of the show. in this laugh track heavy episode, becca and julian talk about doctor who, palm tree oil, eating orangutans (becca), eating aligators (julian), crying/ barking/ interrupting puppies (grizzly), the literalness of literal becca (she’s really literal), and completely ignoring the spanish channel in the background. also they spoil harry potter like crazy (julian also tricks becca with fake spoilers).

doctor who socks

tardis guitar

roundtable on sustainable palm tree oil (rspo)

dunkin donuts sustainable palm oil



‘envelope or ˈänvelope

ferrero rocher

bison v buffalo

union sushi menu

yellow tail cheek

becca meme

he bought the farm


three stooges

harry potter


rooster teeth

spoiler vine

jelly bean vine

cirque du freak

vladimir tod

avatar papaya

call or delete

music in this episode is licensed under the creative commons. the intro and ending song is a sample from “ophelia’s song” by grapes. the interlude song is a sample from “a better way – bach remix”  by rocavaco.

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One thought on “ofp: stop, i’m gonna to pee

  1. opossum are in north america, possum are in new guinea and australia just fyi

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