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Last Forgiven/Wanna Be You – Rathborne

20140206_110237I saw Rathborne open for Albert Hammond Jr. late last year and was thoroughly impressed. They are such a tight band that is not afraid to play with the crowd. It is virtually impossible not to be entranced by the group’s music, especially Luke coverRathborne’s playful lyrics.I knew instantly that I needed to support these guys in any way possible. Luckily that opportunity came in the form of a bright pink 7 inch record (what did you think I was going to say?)

The 45 r.p.m single wonderfully displays a pop fueled and relentlessly exuberant side of Rathborne. The first few chords of “Last Forgiven” starts off sounding like the intro to Mystery Science Theater 3000, creating a laid back and thoroughly swayable song. “Last Forgiven” has a bouncing quality, reminiscent of slightly faster Nick Lowe. Rathborne’s constant urging of “you gotta take that number, take that shot” pushes the song forward as a tale of taking a risk to escape that which has been laid on you.

The other side of the single, “Wanna Be You”, is just as fun, with a slight twist in lyrics. The song is a little more wanton in its lyrics; “Saw you face in a magazine, wanna be you” and it’s multiple variations imply more than admiration and verging into obsession. That doesn’t matter to Rathborne it seems; as he goes on to sing “Don’t care about the way to seems”. That’s as it should be. The song is so incredibly catchy, I could listen to it nonstop (and I have been).

You can pick up a copy of this single, as well as his latest album SOFT, on Rathborne’s bandcamp.

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