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Liars – Mess on a Mission

2010_LiarsWhen a new Liars album is announced, there is no telling of what to expect. The thematic and sonic changes from album to album are so extreme at times that it’s almost impossible to pin them down. I first became aware of Liars during their third album, Drum’s No Dead,  a loose concept album that is encapsulated by a haunting and majestic aura (and three album length videos). Their next album, Liars presented the group as more frantic, bordering on a punk sound. I could not comprehend how vastly different the two albums were at the time. Liars wasn’t bad. Actually it was very good, but I was expecting something as otherworldly as Drum’s Not Dead. I almost felt tricked by the band, but by Sisterworld, I think I started to get it. Liars are a band that always needs to do something new, either reinvent or refine themselves to the point that they are unrecognizable. I let any expectations go by the wayside from that point forward. WIXIW had the Liars drop traditional instruments for electronic synths and samples. It was weird, scary, noise and I loved it. Being a fan of Liars means you have to be open to anything. another_fine_messLiars have released a new song in anticipation of their next album, Mess. “Mess on a Mission” is a dizzying electronic track that seemingly promises another quality album. I can’t help but get excited when lead singer Angus Andrew belts out  “Facts are facts and fiction’s fiction” before exploding into a wonderful and hardly understandable chorus. The limited edition LP of the Mess will feature clear colored vinyl and come vacuumed sealed with strings from the art piece on the cover of the album. Their vinyl is as out their as the band. Mess will be released on March 24, 2014. I highly suggest you get on this band now.

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