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i’m hearing voices, animal noises

tumblr_lh8p2fumqd1qf3zmto1_1280this is probably the shortest mix i’ve made, clocking in at a tight 19 minutes and 45 seconds. its a collection of balls to the wall songs, almost unrelenting in terms of heavy guitars and pulsing drums. it’s a party mix, a rocking mix, exploding mix, a big fuck yeah from your speakers to your ears. the songs are quick with only three of them being longer that two minutes. one might want them to last just a little bit longer, but they are near perfect in their compactness. this also happens to be one of the best flowing mixes i’ve made.

right of the bat are the yeah yeah yeahs counting it off with “man”, an off beat love song about going crazy. immediately after comes the kill’s “m.e.x.i.c.o.”, another strange love song. “you got heavenly eyes, a thousand highs” sings alison mossheart with a softer voice than one would expect. these first two songs blast through so quickly that its hard to fully understand their meaning. lyrics in this mix are very simple on the surface, allowing you to rock out to your heart’s content, but still contain something underneath. these aren’t typical love songs, they’re more broken than most.

modest mouse’s “dance hall” comes next with its tom waits-esque snarl, essentially raising the middle finger to everyone in their way as issac brock goes on to say “well I’m gonna act up but not in your fuckin’ play”. the majority of the lyrics fall in between the constantly repeating mantra “i’m gonna dance all dance hall everyday”. the white stripes’ “black math” continues the loudness through jack white’s insane guitar work that never relents and meg’s drums, that many fault (wrongly) for being simplistic. a small rift of music has michael cera presenting the fictional rock group sex bob-omb from scott pilgrim vs. the world. the music, composed by beck, goes all out here with a raw garage rock sound. the mix title comes from this track, and really puts out the idea that this mix is all about the sound. “my body’s stupid, my stereo putrid/spilling out music into raw sewage” give s dirty image of the music, but is really about pushing your sound to the harshest limits.

the often misinterpreted “white riot” by the clash and the ramones’ “judy is a punk” mesh so well that i couldn’t help but place them together. both songs are about youthful rebellion, making direct political comments in their riotous sound. truthfully, they are about have something of your own to go out and fight for.

the final two songs may be some of my favorites. iggy pop and the stooges ooze punk, energy, and sex like no one’s business. “search and destroy” feels like prowling song, a metaphor for all the punk themes you can imagine. gorillaz’s unintelligible lyrics on “punk” sums up one important part of this mix, the pure sonic enjoyment of the music. i saw gorillaz during their last live tour and “punk” actually has lyrics, which lends itself to the deeper meaning component of this mix. the nine track came together very quickly, as if they were meant to be.

9tracks, 19.45 mins, photo by w6i, please take note of the original track listing as 8tracks changes it up after the first time you play it.

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