orgastic futures

it might be impractical to seek out a new romance

34060334after having listened to nine types of light dozens of times, i could not rip myself away from the heartbreaking sentiment of “will do”. that song spoke to me so wildly, that i felt obliged to make a mix that capitalized on the theme of love and the moments where it is unattainable. some of my mixes often have a song or two that deviate from the over arching feel of the playlist, but this one tends to stick very close to my original intentions.

the first song is a daniel johnston cover, “true love will find you in the end” by the headless heroes. the song is a promise of love, no matter how far away it may seem. the original version carries a very different weight than the one i used. johnston’s painfully crackly voice and personal history gave it a more endearing  delivery, while the headless heroes cover offers a dreamy lilt to the song. this allows it to glide along and flow well into beach house’s “silver soul”. the two songs work well together given beach house’s signature sound, one reminiscent of shoegazing and dream pop. “silver soul” really shines as it basks in a jaded sense of falling in love. the love of “silver soul” is an illusion, a sick weakness that is perpetually ending and beginning. lead singer victoria legrand’s sultry voice is astounding as she laments on the inescapably of such love, “it is happening again…”

the first half of bibio’s “lover’s carving” is an intrumental track that sets up the latter half’s fuller sound. the lyrics that accompany that second half bounce from verse to verse, almost losing themselves in their loftiness. the initial sentiment is that of love after love, new people taking place of the old and the old being forgotten. but as the song comes to an end, the song proclaims love as having a lasting impact over time, despite the change in vessels. the feeling of waiting is more complex in “lover’s carvings” than in sharon van etten’s astounding “for you”. a declaration of total love, van etten’s voice and twangy guitar are indebted to the person the song is directed to. the lyrics call forth a wistful longing, “I was thinking about my dreams might that come true/With you”, before culminating in one of the most revealing final verses. the soulfulness of “for you” is heartbreaking as van etten describes the constant waiting for someone who knew. that final verse is so strained, leading to a feeling loss after all that yearning. .

the next track, “playground love”, toys with teenage notions of love. from the silly pickup line to the trembling hands, air’s song is about innocence on the verge of breaking into realty. it shares a similar theme with the demo version of “i’ll try anything once” by the strokes. i opted for demo of the song not simply because of it’s sonic compatibility with the mix, but for the lyrics that become the forefront of the song. the studio version is a rollicking good time, but pushes the vocals to the back. here, they are loud and clear. sandwiched between the two very similar songs is  “make love”,  daft punk’s repetitious dance song that never becomes dull, instead creating a trance like quality fits in perfectly with the notions of love being portrayed in the mix.

The song from which the mix derived from, “will do” by tv on the radio, is the final track. the lovesick song is the perfect ending to the mix. despite hardships faced from naïveté, hopelessness, and sheer stubbornness, the song champions love. “will do” takes all the waiting that came before it and amplifies it. “will do” implies that the wait is painfully worth it, even though this is a wait that is likely never to end. even once everything is gone.

8tracks, 33.22 mins, photo by tatjana radičević, please take note of the original track listing as 8tracks changes it up after the first time you play it.

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