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Scotchy Scotch Scotch: Johnnie Walker 2013

Johnnie-Walker-Manuscript-of-Insistence3It’s that time of year again, when the behemoth of blended scotch whisky descends upon masses and  reminds us of the pleasures of our Scottish friend. Johnnie Walker is back in Chicago to put on a free House of Walker event  after a yearlong retreat. Normally there are two Johnnie Walker tastings a year, one in the beginnings of Spring, the other in the midst of Fall. However, Chicago only saw the spring show in 2012. I assume cut backs and the general knowledge that Chicago is a fairly loyal Walker town are what lead to the absence of the second show.

The Johnnie Walker events are usually pretty big affairs, which makes the location change of this year’s event a little confusing. It will no longer be held at Resolution Digital Studios, a fairly large location that housed a small waiting area outside, a johnniewalkerreception lounge, and a presentation room where Johnnie Walker’s promotional videos were projected on to towering screens. Instead it will be held at someone’s home apparently. Mind you, it seems like a pretty big place, (Currently on the market for a whopping $2,675,000) but it looks to be a vastly different setting. Something more intimate and exclusive. Additionally, it seems like only four of the Johnnie Walker Labels (Red, Black, Double Black, Blue) will be sampled, a far cry from the 2011 shows which featured five (Red, Black, Green, Gold, Blue). Nonetheless, I anticipate a fantastic show; the people at Johnnie Walker and Diageo know how to throw fantastic events (albeit with some ethical hiccups). Maybe we’ll get a look at Walker’s new Platinum label.

johnnie_walker_platinum_18House of Walker will run from Wednesday April 3rd to Saturday April 6th. As of 8pm on April 1st, only a few late night spots are available.  I will be attending the 8:00 o’clock show on Friday and will recap the event on April 8th. You can read about my past experiences at House of Walker and my quick notes on their fine scotches here.

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