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i’ve made a lot of mistakes

when i first started creating mixes, i had absolutely no idea of what i was doing. i was just tossing in songs without much thought. sometimes i would have this strange convoluted little story in my head that followed along with the songs. other times the mixes were just songs that i was listening to that i like. it was really off the cuff. it also doesn’t make sense.

before 8tracks came along to mold my mixes into the nice 8 to 9 track range, muxtape held my attention. muxtape limited the mixes one put up on the site to 12 tracks (craziness), so i felt obliged to always reach that number with each one of my muxes. muxtape was a really minimalist mix site (no mix titles, no mix art) that was fun, but lacked the features of even the early version of 8tracks. muxtapes closed down after realizing that maintaining a music site where every track list was immediately visible and any songs could be skipped to with no limitation than they expected (licensing for unseen track lists, limited skipping, randomization of track lists is much less expensive). luckily 8racks had just started up around the rubble. although they faced the same issue early on in terms of licensing, they eventually evolved into the behemoth they are today.

this mix is all over the place. i honestly don’t know where to start. the mix features a strange mashup between french singer yelle and the beatles, an accessible xiu xiu song (no, seriously it is), a white stripes ditty, and a sufjan stevens song that lends its lyric to the mix title. there is no rhyme or reason to the flow or theme or anything really. it kinda sucks. no, it definitely does. but it existed and continues to do so. so here it is, my first muxtape reborn as my second mix on 8tracks.

12tracks, 46:12 mins, please take note of the original track listing as 8tracks changes it up after the first time you play it.

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