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The Chicagoan

I love magazines. I know I can get up to the minute news about absolutely anything online, but there is something about reading an article in a magazine that feels so good. Unfortunately, most magazine are shit. The once great magazines that churned out amazing articles every issue that actually meant something other than subliminal advertising are either long gone or shells of their former selves… I’m looking at you Rolling Stone! I’m not old enough to make that reference. I can only look back and listen to my uncles’ stories about reading a Hunter S. Thompson article in Rolling Stone and how reading Playboy for the articles wasn’t a complete joke. Nowadays I hear about a great Rolling Stone article once every few months. That’s just not right.

Widely read magazines from my generation are just not good, so I have to dig deep in order to find something, anything truly worth reading. The Chicagoan is a magazine that its the bill. Just launched earlier this year, The Chicagoan is one of the best publication I have recently seen. It is a collection of profiles, fiction, non-ficiton and photography concerning the Midwest and, of course, Chicago.

I heard about this through Reckless Records, which is one of the small predominately independent stores that carries The Chicagoan. They posted a link on their Facebook page to the website and I was hooked. The lengthy mission statement makes it very clear, this is a magazine for those who want to read. The articles are long, almost absurdly so. The Chicagoan strives to feature 52 timeless stories a year, 26 in each of its biannual issues. You won’t see such lovingly detailed features in another magazine. The article that has gotten the most attention is the 25,000 word feature on the friendship between Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Its awesome.

The best thing about The Chicagoan is its dedication to the material. There is not a single advertisement in the magazine. Every page from the front cover to the back has content, whether it be art, photography or an article.

The magazine is available in small boutique stores, online (they’re having paypal issues) and in small pop up newsstands that you can find by following The Chicagoan’s twitter.

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One thought on “The Chicagoan

  1. I saw a blurb online about The Chicagoan and it’s definitely up my literate alley. With so many magazines shifting away from print or revamping itself from critical content to more digestible fluff, I’m looking forward to picking up a copy and having something other than the Reader or New City to read on the L.

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