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Record Store Day: The Singles

Reasons I love Record Store Day

  1. Support for local record stores
  2. Limited edition/rare/records that I can get at normal prices before eBayers start selling them at ridiculous prices.
  3. It always falls around my birthday (I’m a 4/20 baby)

This year Record Store Day landed the day after by birthday, so this meant I would have nice little bundle of cash to spend on some amazing records. I wasn’t able to get everything I wanted (the bundle wasn’t that big and stores got shorted on things), but I came out of it with a very respectable haul. I went to Dave’s Records first (where I bumped into my cousin) and then headed to Gramophone Records. Here are the singles I was able to get my hands on.

This one is sneak peek at the one of 12in LPs I got (it came in the packaging of it). It features live versions of The Black Keys’ “Money Maker” and “Sister”.  Such a fantastic band. I missed an opportunity to see them live and this records makes me feel worse. “Sister”really shines on this disc.

My cousin and I  both have very similar tastes in music.  We both wanted to get The Black Angels 7in. This was his number two must have record for RSD. I was a few spaces ahead of him in line so I kept joking that I would get the last one. Lucky for him, we each got a copy and it’s great. The record contains two new songs, “Watch out Boy” and ” I’d Rather Be Lonely”, warning the listener about the agonies that come along with being in love.  It’s pressed on orange vinyl and the music has a much more dreamy sound than I am accustomed to from The Black Angels (they are more psychedelic). It works well though. The vinyl came with a download card for the songs and a cover of The Zombies’ “She’s Not There”

My cousin Argiro completely misunderstood me when I asked him to get me The Mynah Birds record, instead getting me the Myna Birds.He kinda freaked out when Dave asked him which one he wanted and choose the wrong one. However, it was a happy accident because this female vocalist is amazing. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting much, but I really dug the “The Generals” and “Fallen Dove”. It came with a hand painted and numbered silk screened cover. Luck of the draw got me #8 out of 1000, the neon pink version. There were apparently a few other colors, but this one looks pretty cool.

The Mynah Birds’ are an old 60s band that featured Bruce Palmer and Neil Young of Buffalo Springfield (!!!) and Rick James (!!!!!!!). The guy in front of me at Dave’s told me about it and I was flabbergasted that i had never heard of this group. I’m such a huge fan of the members that it seemed impossible for this to be the first time I have heard of the group. After the miscommunication with my cousin, I was able to find it at the second record store we went to, Gramophone Records. Their RSD crowd was small/nonexistent (they specialize in House and Techno records), so it was great being able to find this there.

This was a last-minute grab at Dave’s. I completely missed this on the list and the girl ahead of me got it and I piggybacked on her choice. I’m glad I did. I love St. Vincent. Her version of “These Days” is probably my favorite cover of that song. The record was pressed on ruby-red vinyl and came in a textured sleeve. It features an intense rock song “KROKODIL” followed by the slower but equally intense “GROT”. Again, a slightly different sound than what I am accustomed to from the artist, but it’s so great.

I stumbled on this records at Gramophone. They had their RSD releases out for the people to sift through it themselves instead of having one person look for the each individual request like at Dave’s. This is another record that I overlooked on the list. It’s Regina Spektor singing two songs, “The Prayers of Francois Villon” and “Old Jacket” (both of which are covers of Bulat Okudzhava), in Russian. Really beautiful sound. the record was pressed on white vinyl.

This was the last copy of the split 10in from Atmosphere (Slugs and Ant) and The Uncluded (Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson). It is a beautiful looking picture disc (yes, those are indeed lions with a mic and plunger surrounding a winged toilet). “Someday Soon” is a great Atmosphere track, Slugs flow is really smooth here. The Uncluded track, “Bats”, completely took me over. I was grooving so hard I had to play it again. The record also came with a sticker of the vinyl art and a download card for the songs.

This was also a last copy at Dave’s. I got a bunch of groans for the line, partly because it was my second “last one” of the day, but mostly because it was Arctic Monkeys’ “R U Mine?” and “Electricity”. Pressed on purple vinyl, this was one the more sought after discs at RSD. My cousin glared at me along with everyone else. This was his number one must have record and I got it first. It was mean, but I held it over his head for a little while. (I found him a copy at Gramophone).

Things I totally mised out on: Childish Gambino, Beach House, Rosie Thomas/Sufjan Stevens, Neon Indian, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, LCD Soundsystem, and Gorillaz (ugh, can’t believe I didn’t get this).

Up next, the RSD albums I was able to snag.

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5 thoughts on “Record Store Day: The Singles

  1. Nice vinyl booty you picked up, exhausted writer! I was just listening to an evening interview of this west side record store owner. Basically, she said that any record before the 1980s can be valuable, ha! She also mentioned that she has seen a record sell for $25,000.00. Wow!

    • “Any record” before the 80s might me a stretch. Although the slightly tattered copy of “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” I got for my birthday last year cost my friend Erika pretty penny,

  2. Whoa whoa whoa, indieblac. Any record before the 1980s can be valuable? I’m counting on my dad to pass down his Zeppelin, Bowie and Queen albums to me. But honestly I don’t think I would part with them. Also, orgastic, I FUCKING LOVE ST. VINCENT. Annie and I go way back to late 2007 or so when I first heard “Marry Me”. And I saw her live for the first time in early 2008 at Schubas Tavern and she brushed past me and looked me directly in the eye. I’ve seen her three times since then and each time I see her I swear we make eye contact. …I’m way to shy to actually say anything other than “Marry me!” in between her songs, though.

    Alas, I felt like a shitty St. Vincent fan when I read this post. Because I had never heard of either of these songs. Time for me to go on an illegal downloading spree! (shh)

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