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music videos: Camera. Person. DANCE!

Good music doesn’t need a visual element, it should stand on its own. Having said that, I love music videos. There’s so much you can do by combining moving images and music. The video can give a song a completely different feel or interpretation. My favorite videos tend to be very simple. I don’t need over the top stupidity (I’m looking at you*insert top 40 artist here*). Just give me a camera, a person, and dancing. These are my some of my favorite simple dancing videos of 2011.

Thom Yorke is nuts. He seems to be a real artist, trying as many new things as he can in order to create something that’s not only new, but also great. People have been put off by Radiohead’s adamant deviation from their initial sound.  I think they’ve only gotten better, fighting off stagnation by being innovative. The King of Limbs is so out there, it’s not even funny. This video for “Lotus Flower” claims to be choreographed, which may be true, but I’d like to think that Yorke just started groovin’.

When Donald Glover (aka donglover, think about it or skip to 2:00) first started rapping under his Childish Gambino moniker, he was spurting pretty good verses over unedited indie rock songs. He literally rapped over the entire songs, no looping, no removing the original lyrics. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did. When he started using actual beats, he stepped onto a whole new level. This video for “Freaks and Geeks” was one of the first big things that got Childish Gambino some recognition.

I am obsessed with Robyn. I just… those first few steps… and…yeah. I don’t know. I really like the most random dance music. I stumbled upon Robyn a few years ago and could never understand why I enjoyed her so much. I turn my sister onto this video and she expressed the same love of both the music and video, but lamented the lack of full body shots. I know you’re supposed to show the whole body whilst dancing, but c’mon, this video is amazing. Robyn really just gets into it.

Also check out this pitch perfect parody. I break down in fits of laughter at Bobby Moynihan’s unenthusiastic flashlight twirling.

Ah, The Black Keys. I don’t think there is a day that goes by where i don’t listen to one of there songs in one way or another. I just relate to there music so much. “Lonely Boy” especially. This video was originally supposed to have a few people coming in and out of frame, dancing their hearts out. Instead, they saw this actor and part time security guard and asked he to do it himself. The video just puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance as unencumbered as this security guard.

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3 thoughts on “music videos: Camera. Person. DANCE!

  1. Wow, there’s over 20 minutes of video embedded in this post. I do appreciate that you’ve given such full examples. I actually had someone give me the criticism that my blog doesn’t have any outside links or references like the ones that yours employs so well. Because of that, I’d like to thank you for the indirect pointer.

  2. evanwstoner on said:

    I’m not a big fan of most rap music, but the rhymes in that Childish Gambino track are super intense. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That black keys video is one of my favorites!! Every time I see it I want to dance. I’ve never been a big fan of Robyn. I saw her perform at pitchfork two years ago and it wasn’t that good.

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