orgastic futures

kiss all your fingers… what’s that for?

ah, one of my slightly heavier mixes. center piece of the mix is the kills’ “at the back of the shell”. i had been trying to figure out what sort of mix that song would fit in well with. did i want to go with the theme or focus on the really rocking aspect of it? i ended up going with the sonic quality, putting together songs that bash drums and destroy guitars.

i had made connection between the mix’s photograph and the song immediately as i saw it. its a little rough considering that “at the back of the shell” is about a girl losing her virginity in a very unceremonious way. i know that this ends up being a really graphic combo, the bloody fingertips and all, but it works so well with most of the other songs as well.

i think my favorite song in this is lcd soundsystem’s “movement”. such an amazing song criticizing the very foundations on which the band was formed on (hipsters and such). james murphy practically shouts: “it’s like the culture/without the effort or all of the luggage/it’s like a discipline/without the discipline of all of the discipline/it’s like a movement/without the bother of the meaning/it’s like a culture/without the culture of all of the culture”. such a rocking song to cap out this mix that’s all of the place.

8tracks, 25:55 mins, photo auch! by regina_falangi, please take note of the original track listing as 8tracks changes it up after the first time you play it

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