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let me be you everlasting light

the inception of this mix had the opposite trajectory of “i’m in love with the world through the yes of a girl”. this mix came to me like a flash after i saw my sister’s glow-stick photos. all these songs that make light a crucial element, but out of all the ones that pooped into my head, there were three that really stood out.

the first one was “seahorse” by devendra banhart. i’ve been obsessed with that song since it came out in 2007. it feels like three different tracks that unite into this one magnificent song.  that beginning has a very laid back folky sound to it, the lyrics bringing about a sense of a new way of living.  about two minutes in, it shifts to an almost jazzy number. the lyrics now proclaiming a psychedelic wish of wanting to be reincarnated as a seahorse (there’s also a few green men mentioned, too). when banhart’s vocals starts to moan and chant, you can just feel the guitar riff about to arrive. that final portion of the song explodes into this rocking declaration of love, wishing for it to come back as the light.

the light. oh, that light. that “everlasting light”. the black keys’ song in this mix just fills me with instant sensation of swagger. if banhart’s lyrics were declaring love, then these are exalting it.  patrick carney’s drumming and dan auerbach’s voice pleading to be someone’s salvation are so amazing here. the album which the song comes off of, brothers, is filled with all these very slow songs, which both members of the band have admitted they have trouble playing live. their latest album made a switch to a more comfortable pace (thanks to danger mouse), but i really hope they do a few more slow and steady songs like this.

the third is “second song” by tv on the radio. i’ll be discussing the album, nine types of light, that featured this song in a later post. i’ll hold off on till then, but i will say that i make an ass out of myself when this song comes on. singing, dancing, the whole nine yards.

the only song that makes no mention of light is beach house’s “lover of mine”. I stuck that in because it sounds really good with everything else in it. and i’m a whore for beach house.

8tracks, 34:08 mins, photo by kayla fernandez. please take note of the original track listing as 8tracks changes it up after the first time you play it and if you look closely you will see my cousin kristen to the left right of the light in the mix photo.

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One thought on “let me be you everlasting light

  1. Great mix- I love “Second Song” and “Everlasting Light.” Here’s another semi-related song (it has “light” in it, but it is slower than your choices) from way back in ’04. Remember Snow Patrol’s “Run?” Whenever I heard the chorus “light up, light up…” I’d always think back to the video with the flare making everything look red and foggy.

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