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what is this feeling i have in my heart for you?

some of my records

love songs are really strange. they seem to just be everywhere. i don’t know if its just because i’m drawn to these kind of songs or if the majority of lyrics really do tend to just focus on love. whatever the reason, i think that the love songs (whether it’s professing it, being frustrated by it, losing it, or longing for it) are the height of music.

this mix is mostly about sexual frustration. the only moment that strays from this theme is “summertime”, sam cooke’s cover of a lullaby from porgy and bess. everything else is struggling to understand love (al green’s “what is this feeling” and corinne bailey rae’s “is this love”), dealing with unrequited love (lee fields & the expressions’ “honey dove”, the black keys’ “never gonna give you up”, and bill withers “let me in you life”), and not being happy with how love is (john legend and the roots’ “humanity (love as it should be)” and otis redding’s fantastic cover of the rolling stones’ “satisfaction”). all these songs fall under a really soulful umbrella. i’m a huge fan of voices that exude more than just the lyrics being uttered. when bill withers asks “so why should i have to pay?”, i can’t help but feel his pain.

most of the songs in this mix came pretty quick. it was the newer songs that i had a hard time putting in. most new artists are too concerned with twisting knobs and walls of sound that distract from the core of their songs. there is a time and place for that, but it wasn’t here. corinne bailey rae is always good for a vocal performance without too many unneeded flair. the same goes for john legend, who teaming up with the roots, only amplifies his soulful sound (which i realize is a little more reggaeish in this track). the black keys, the only other new band in the mix, is probably the one that fits the old school sound the best.

8tracks, 26:18 mins, photo by samuel bradley. please take note of the original track listing as 8tracks changes it up after the first time you play it.

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7 thoughts on “what is this feeling i have in my heart for you?

  1. Cool records. You’re probably the only 20-something I know who owns them. About love songs, the only ones I actually like are from back in the 80s where all the music tinkering was down to a minimum. I like knowing that those songs and those artists can sing without any instruments and still sound amazing.

  2. Nice mix! The Roots are awesome.. Things Fall Apart is one of my favorite hip hop albums. My personal favorite cover of “Summertime” is the one with Ella and Louis Armstrong:

  3. One more thing- I get chills down my spine every time I hear Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Fits perfectly under that “soulful umbrella.”

  4. Love songs are pretty common. Almost all of the spanish music that my parents listen to are about love and I always complained about it until I heard my non-spanish music and actually heard the same lovetalk.

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