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Scotchy Scotch Scotch: Johnnie Walker Tasting 2012

I love scotch. It was actually one of my first drinks that I ever had. I was given a sips of beer here and there when I was younger, but my first real tasting of anything alcoholic was a scotch (it wasn’t Johnnie Walker, but more on that in another post.) Scotch is one of those  liquors that gains a strong and devoted following. People cling to it like they do to wine, noting the uniqueness of every glass. Single malts offer a singular taste of one distillery, noting the craft and palette of a specific area in Scotland in which it was made (scotch is to Scotland much like champagne is to France, they can on;y be made there). I’m not saying that other liquors like vodka, rum, tequila, etc. don’t also have the same allure, but lets be honest, there are way more party drinkers for those than there are for scotch. Part of the reason for that is that scotch is harsh. It doesn’t come with a lime and salt or a vacancy of taste. Scotch punches you in the face, laughs at you and becomes your friend. So it comes as no surprise that I have essentially become an scotch aficionado.

Bottles of Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is a fine scotch to start with. Its a blended brand, meaning it’s a combination of various different malt and grain whiskys (that’s right, without the e). This allows there to be a much more consistent taste bottle to bottle than single malts. They currently have five varieties that are widely available and a few that are hard to find. I’m a big fan of the Green Label, a blend of single malts aged at least 15 years. Red Label is perfect for mixing. Gold Label is buttery, which some people adore. Black and it’s big brother Double Black (available in Chicago) are perfect starters, not too harsh.  Blue Label is amazing, but expensive.

If you want to get a taste of most of these, it would cost a pretty penny. The Blue Label alone will set you back about $170. However, this week Johnnie Walker is offering a free (FREE!) tasting of their scotch. this is simply the best way to try scotch. Preregistration slots are filled up, but you can still go and sign up on the spot. Get there early to beat the rush, even those who preregistered might not actually get in.


2226 West Walnut Street Chicago, IL 60612

Tonight April 11th – 7pm and 9pm

Friday April 13th – 6pm and 8pm and 10pm

Saturday April 14th – 6pm and 8pm and 10pm

I’ll be there on Friday at 10pm, so hope to see some of you there!

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8 thoughts on “Scotchy Scotch Scotch: Johnnie Walker Tasting 2012

  1. Ahhh! This post features several of my favorite things: alcohol, free events and free alcohol events. I totally want to go. Thanks for the heads up AND the super informative post on scotches.

  2. Ahhh! This post features several of my favorite things: alcohol, free events and free alcohol events. Thanks for the head’s up, I totally wanna go! (I also liked that learned a lil sum’in sum’in about scotch today. Much obliged.)

  3. I’ve never had scotch before, but this post has convinced me to try it soon. Too bad I can’t go to any of the events 😦 It sounds like a good opportunity completely missed. Time I start saving up to buy myself good quality scotch for my birthday!

  4. nothing beats a good scotch or whiskey.


  5. michaela on said:

    I’ve never tried scotch before, but then again I’m not really a fan of liquor drinks, I’m more of a beer or wine gal. Usually if I’m going to have any alcohol it is straight up because I don’t like sweet drinks.This was a very informative post…thanks! I look forward to your future posts about affordable scotch options.

  6. rigo3321 on said:

    Ugh. I read this too late!!! I wish i would have known sooner. I would have been there in a heartbeat.

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