orgastic futures


so, a quick intro. this blog will be comprised of various entertainment sources that you may or may not have heard of. i will attempt to write about some film, book, restuarant (i can’t spell) restaurant, music, or what have you every day. most of the writing will be done in my office, which i have recorded a brief tour of.

some notes before the video:

in the video i talk about my dad, but in reality i mean my uncle. my biological father was never a factor in my life, so my uncle took it upon himself to raise my as though i was his son. so whenever i speak of my dad, i am referring  to my uncle.

there is a similar situation with my sister. she is actually my cousin, but we became very close five years ago. she has been such an important part of my life that calling her my sister came naturally. i only refer to her as my cousin when i have to explain why i call her my sister.

i know say i don’t drink that often and yet i have at least four bottles of alcohol in my office. note that they are unopened. i have removed the opened scotch bottles for continuity’s sake.

featured artists, photographers, etc.

gorgeouskillers (jaycinista) nsfw! there is a massive amount of nudity in his photography, so if you’re offended by that, don’t follow that link.

kayla fernandez (my sister who always says her website isn’t ready) says her website isn’t ready.

the bear jedi (akastarwarskid)

kate beaton (just awesome) its hard for me to pick a favorite because they are all hilarious, but “that’s pretty old” wins out for the shock value.

paul pope (pulphope) two links here, one for his flickr (which he is still updating) and one for his blog(which he is not). really great sequential and non-sequential artist.

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One thought on “office

  1. haha that is a very ugly chair, but If it’s comfortable it’s all good. I also love all those posters. My room needs a make over, seeing your video makes me really hate my room right now.

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