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i’m in love with the world through the eyes of a girl

when i first made this mix, i didn’t have an image to place with it. i essentially put this mix on the back burner. while it was finished, the initial flow of it exactly what i had hoped, i left it in a fold on my computer, never publishing to 8tracks. i really like mixing the themes of the lyrics with an image that accurately captures the sentiments behind them. it can take me seconds to find the right photo, but sometimes i fail miserably. this was not one of those times.

i decided to wait until i found the right photograph, one that held a sadness and a strange hope for something better. maybe i’m looking way too far into this photo, but when i saw it, i fell in love with it. my sister took this photograph. she urged to come over to her house on valentine’s day instead of spending it with a friend (my sister wasn’t/isn’t a fan of this girl). i’m glad i did. she showed me the photo, which she developed at school. i was so enamored by it, that she gave it to me as a valentine. the second i got home i scanned it into my computer and posted it along with this long waiting mix.

this is somewhat of a sad mix, but not really. there are lots of contradictions in the songs. the elliott smith and bright eyes tracks are about being happy with someone who isn’t necessarily that good for you. they both mention who things feel/look like shit the morning after which i thought was really interesting. i like showcasing those kinds of instances in my mixes, where songs converge so perfectly with one another. this happens again with the death cab for cutie and the shins songs, which both speak of love lost and the people pretending it was something more. the mix follows along with the contradicting duality of these songs by becoming somewhat happy towards the end. jesus, etc. is a grand love song. the modest mouse track seems to be sad, “but at least i don’t see you float away”. the mostly french arcade fire song is the truest testament of love, never faltering in its lyrics like the others do.

and then there’s pink moon, a song about a pink moon.

you try deciphering nick drake songs.

9tracks, 34:33 mins, photo by kayla fernadez. please take note of the original track listing as 8tracks changes it up after the first time you play it.

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2 thoughts on “i’m in love with the world through the eyes of a girl

  1. evanwstoner on said:

    I’m so glad you’re into making playlists! Sometimes I worry it’s a dying art. I definitely have to investigate this 8tracks site. Just a thought, wouldn’t it be cool if you could make a playlist and have it pressed on vinyl? Maybe I’m the only who thinks so, since I’m such a vinyl geek, but it could be pretty cool.

    • That would be astounding.

      8tracks is great. I’ve been with them since they first started a few years ago. They actually did a mini interview with me about my mixes (which are up to 141).

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